Canadian Arts & Fashion Award

Canadian Arts & Fashion Award

Had the great honour on Friday, April 20th of attending the 5th Annual CAFA celebrating fashion in Canada. So proud and excited to have won the Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent in Accessories.

The CAFA was my introductory experience into an award ceremony, and it was such a great pleasure to not only attend but to take home Swarovski's Award for Emerging Talent in Accessories. I've put my body, mind and soul into this brand and to have such monumental recognition from an industry I strive to be a part of literally brought me to tears. It's been a week and I'm still elated and floating on cloud nine. Thank you to everyone for supporting my work and allowing my dreams to come true.

Celestial Mobiles for A/W 2019


I created and wore the prototypes of two pieces from my next collection to the CAFA. They're unnamed as of yet, but take a peek at some images of them below. The prototypes are clip-ons (I don't have my ears pierced!), but the design will effectively remain the same for the final sample that will be launched later next month.

One earring is based on Our Planet and the celestial bodies that affect us the most – our Sun and Moon. Whereas, the other earring is Our Solar System with all of its celestial bodies (even Pluto & Charon as two tiny diamonds). Some planets are carved of gold, and some are represented by precious gemstones.

The collection will be expanded upon. For more details, follow us on Instagram.

Celestial Mobile Earrings

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