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    The most magical, beautiful ring I have ever had the pleasure to see or wear (amongst her myriad of beautiful ring jewelry!)I must have looked at and researched about every single ring in existence online (Etsy, Instagram, Google) in addition to scouring all possible live shops to find the one ring that would be with me all my life and be a symbol of a good marriage full of love, loyalty and trust. I wanted something ethereal and different that would befit the celestial elven/fairy aesthetic I was aiming for and yet still sophisticated and simple and very delicate. All the bridal rings I saw were either too plain and looked like everyone elses, just dull and uninspired or just way overboard, too ornamental and busy, flashy or gaudy. That is until I stumbled on Sofia's work! I was instantly smitten by all her rings and had a really difficult time deciding which one of her rings I should take to be my bridal ring but decided on the very simple and ethereal Altair because it would complement my engagement ring nicely. The service was quick and easy and when it arrived I was so incandescently happy that I cannot describe! It was so beautifully packaged with a lovely handwritten anote, a beautiful celestial pen and a bronze white notepad (I really appreciate these small details) and I love how delicate and elegant it is and the sizing was just perfect (I went to a local jeweller to get myself measured) and even though I was apprehensive about whether it would fit me, it was true to size and custom-made for me! I adore  it and I cannot wait to pass it on as an heirloom to my future children one day! Thanks for your amazing service and beautiful work Sofia! 

    – AR.

    Hi Sofia!!!The O-Ring is GORGEOUS - thank you so much!!I just wanted to reach out to you personally to thank you because I didn’t see anywhere on the site I could leave a review, but I was SO incredibly thrilled with my purchase that I went ahead and placed another order for the Draco ring and can’t wait to see it in person!I love everything about your business, your jewelry is so beautiful and unique!  Thank you again! Can’t wait for my Draco ring to arrive!!!Best wishes to you and your brand,

    — R.

    I hope you are doing well. So good to finally be able to reach out to you! A few months ago, you forged the incredibly beautiful Pleiades Supreme ring for D. He proposed to me on 10/26/19 and I have not been able to stop staring at the ring since!This ring caught my eye over a year ago when it popped up on my Instagram feed--I was just simply stunned by it’s beauty! From that moment, I absolutely knew that I wanted it to be my engagement ring if I ever met the right guy (D had it easy--he didn't need to go looking for a ring!). I am still star-struck every time I look down at my hand.D told me how quickly you made the ring for him and how you rushed it to him at no additional cost to make sure it was here in time for the proposal. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You are so thoughtful and amazingly talented. I consider myself so lucky to have discovered your exquisite work. The amount of detail in each piece is just incredible. I have gotten so many lovely compliments about how unique the ring looks and how brilliant the diamond is. I am so proud to wear this ring every day!All my love and gratitude,

    - T+D

    Initially, I planned on hiding the ring in a box containing one of her favorite cat-themed gifts that we would open at some point during the upcoming weekend. After receiving and opening your thoughtfully cat-stamped box and viewing the wonderful arrangement, I have determined that presenting the box in its present form is the best course of action.

     I can’t thank you enough for your supreme efforts in creating and delivering this gift so swiftly and presenting it in such an exceptional fashion.  This process has been a joy from beginning to end.  Please continue your great work!  I greatly appreciate it and know so many others do.

    Wishing you and your team all the best for future success! Thank you.

    - A N. 

  • Thank you so much again for making my parents 25th Anniversary the most magical night. My mom cried and immediately shut the ring box because she was such in disbelief!!! She absolutely loves it and can’t stop smiling. You all do such beautiful work. We can’t thank you enough!- E.

     I know you have probably been working tirelessly to fulfill holiday orders, which was apparent by the emails you’ve sent out to customers regarding shipments. So, I understand if this email comes at a busy time.   I just had to write to you expressing my utter joy upon receiving my Wheel of Fortune custom necklace- and I received it earlier than expected!   What an exquisite piece! The detail... the shine...the absolute beauty in a hand crafted piece of art. I am truly overjoyed.   I am a single mom, who is raising twin boys and needless to say our journey has been a difficult one. I try to surround myself with people and items that bring me happiness and hopefully help to fuel positive energy from the world. I love anything that is a symbol of happy energy around us.    I saved up for months to buy this necklace -because not only does the message speak to me but I am Jewish and having the letters for g-d written in Hebrew on the pendant bring me a sense of contentment. Your art is worth every penny.    I’m sure sometimes working so hard at your craft can be tireless but I wanted to write to you and let you know how much it means to me. So often, consumers only write to express grievances and not to show appreciation- I wanted to make sure you know that your work is absolutely appreciated.   Thank you for such a lovely piece and for being so generous by also including the gold worry doll- I will take any good-karma help I can get.    Thank you again- and a Happy Holidays to you all.- S.

    ♡All I can say is THANK YOU so much! I am so very grateful to you and your staff for your help and assistance with this purchase. It looks absolutely beautiful and I am very very grateful. I will be recommending your company to several people and hopefully will be back myself soon!- D.

    ♡Hi Sofia,I picked up my ring today!! And OH. MY. GOD. !!!!!! It was even more stunning than I could have imagined. The stone is perfect!! Lilac / lavender in some lights, but almost clear and translucent in others. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect because it's a custom order, but it's perfect!!! This ring is really sentimental for me. I bought it for myself to wear on my right hand ring finger to remind myself to love myself always, even after my partner and I get married next summer.  I achieved so many personal accomplishments this past year and I wanted this ring for myself as a reminder of this year.It is beyond perfect and I am absolutely in love with it!! I cannot wait to show it off and wear it proudly for years and years to come!!Thank you so much for your beautiful jewelry!!!– R.

  • Just want to say- I love how unique and beautiful literally all your works are. A few of them reminds me of Sailor Moon, or Card Captor Sakura. My partner and I are a huge fan of them, and a few of your works reminded me of those series (which is why it lead me to pick the moonstone wandering cosmos ring), but while also having its own unique and stunning design, meaning and energy. For 3 weeks, I looked around in person and online at various jewelry shops everyday, but this one kept speaking to me and nothing else could just compare. I justknewthis was the one, and I'm sure it's even more ridiculously beautiful in person. You are balls to the walls seriously skilled and talented, and most of all, I can tell you seriously care about the integrity of your brand and quality of service to your customers. I truly feel I am in good hands. Thank you so much, Sofia.– S.

    I received my pendant and it could not be any more perfect. That is understandable as you have a high standard and your work is stood by quality. Thank you so much! Thank you for the token of appreciation, it honestly bought tears to my eyes, I cannot thank you enough I would have honestly just been happy receiving my handbound book pendant! I will wear them with all the love. Much love & light!Best,


    I ordered this ring as my wedding band to complement my Wandering Cosmos engagement ring. It is absolutely perfect! By itself, it is beautifully dainty. Combine with the Wandering Cosmos ring it is beyond elegant, bold, and incredibly unique. Sofia worked with me to downsize the ring to a quarter size, was friendly and responsive, and I am beyond happy with the finished product! My only complaint is that I can't wear it every day until we get married (9 weeks away)! Once I tried it on I didn't want to take it off!!

    – T.

    Just wanted to check in and say I got my ring and it is PERFECT!! I am so in love :) It really turned out so beautifully, thank you guys for being patient with me in designing it and for making something truly special that I will wear forever!!! You guys are amazing, and Sofia is truly a one-of-a-kind artist :)– K.

    Hi Sofia!!!I asked L to marry me today and she said yes!!!  She loves the ring (I do too) and it is everything she could have wished for!  Lauren says she going to be touch with you about accent bands for the ring.We both just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being such a huge part of this very momentous part of our lives!!I hope you're well and if you're ever in Rhode Island we'd be happy to make you dinner!!Best,– M + L.