Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Our 2018 Gift Guide is here! See below for our suggestions.

For your heartlight...

For your one true love, special things come in all shapes and sizes. For the lunar lover, we have pieces like our best selling Cosmic Witch Ring ($1,310), our famous Wandering Star Ring ($1,280) and our brand new Lavender Wandering Cosmos Ring ($2,890). Our Wandering Cosmos is part of our ceremonial line, and alternatively comes with a moonstone and opal center. Each of them is inspired by E. E. Cummings' enchanting poem excerpt, "yours is the light by which my spirit’s born: yours is the darkness of my soul’s return –you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars".

Our signature Written in the Stars ($1,850) rings act as a sweet memento of love for the holiday season. Each piece is carved and engraved by hand by yours truly and commemorates whoever you want it to with two customizable constellations engraved onto the band, side by side, amongst a sea of stars.

Celestial love doesn't always have to come in ring form: our new Key to My Heart ($850) necklace is a sweet, feminine necklace. Our best selling necklaces also include Her Cup of Stars ($850), inspired by a Shirley Jackson quote that reminds you to be true to yourself. Allways.

If you know your partner's star sign, maybe take a peek at our new Written in the Stars ($625) necklaces! Also hand engraved and set with the tiniest, starlike diamonds in a constellation pattern of your choosing.

If you want something more customizable, our With All Love, ring ($930) has the option to engrave a personalized message inside and/or outside on the band. A tiny memory immortalized in gold.

For your sailor scouts...

Sisters, besties, sailor scouts; I got you covered. From our coveted Rainbow Stardust Ring ($755), to our new Opal Lvna Supreme Ring ($760) suggestive of a Sailor Scout tiara.

For earrings, whether they love to have an ear party or a single pair, our Moon Bunny Earrings ($240) are a whimsical, fun option. Newer additions to our earring collection include our Mini Saturn ($230) and Waning Crescent Moon ($830) pieces.

For matching or something a bit more personalized, our Medusa Relic ($500-600) pieces can be purchased separately and strung together, a new sort of best friends necklace. Our tarot cards (the Star Tarot card ($520) is always a favourite) are also fun to pair up and buy together, or you can try the same thing with our new Written in the Stars ($625) necklaces.

Sweet lil Iq Worry Doll ($480), representative of happiness and bliss is available as a pendant or on delicate chains for those who like to stack up pendants like talismans.

Pour maman...

For mom. Simple and sweet. Our Worry Doll collection ($480-$650) has five dolls, each imbued with their own meaning from happiness to peace of mind, good luck, strength and mental manifestation. 

Our Sun tarot card ($520) is one of our best sellers, and encourages fun, warmth and success upon one's life journey.

For small treasures, our Celestial Rose earrings ($395) are starlike and represent the quote, "If the stars had a scent, it would be that of a rose."

Our signature Written in the Stars ($1,850) rings are a sweet gift for mom's. Mine has both our constellations engraved onto it, hers (Aries) and mine (Pisces), side by side surrounded by a tiny moon and stars.

Last year for the holidays, I gave my mom the Medusa necklace ($2,150). This year I know she loves our new Lacrima Necklace ($1,190) and Emerald Theophany Ring ($1,150).

I'm sentimental at heart, and engraved our Cygnus necklace ($686) to represent a family of swans, together forever, on a family crest. The name comes from French cygne, for baby swan (Cygnus is also a constellation which looks like a swan with its wings extended).


Hopefully that helps folks a bit! Our best sellers and new collection are always great to peek at and you can reach out via email to our team if you need some concierge help on deciding what to pick up! We also offer gift wrapping and personalized messages as well as bespoke services, so please reach out for any needs you may have. Happy hunting xo

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