Love Spell for the Self

Love Spell for the Self

Earlier this week, I traveled down to The Big Apple to do some tarot readings with the lovely folks at Catbird! In the spirit of this week of love, we wrote a little Love Spell for the Self this Valentine's Day!

February’s humble beginnings exude of love and sweet gobblings of chocolate hearts with close ones. This special month brings in new adventures, discoveries and sometimes a spring sojourn into the wintery months (for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, anyway!). The days grow longer and the sun waxes into power. If you have a few moments, we’ve created a little self-love spell to be mindful of yourself always during cupid’s month of exuberation!


A candle
Rose oil or rosewater (if you have neither, any incense, flower or essential oil that speak to you will do!)
Our printed spell piece of paper (you can also write your own!)
A tiny ribbon, preferably in pink, white or red
Some romantic melodies


Light a candle. Add three drops of rose oil to the paper, or spray a gossamer halo of rosewater over it. As the floral essence settles, cup your hands over your heart and chant softly (in your head is ok, too):

By the powers within me, I bless this offering
A symbol of commitment and compassion to myself
Sacred yet infused with my most desired thoughts
May it take form gentle spirit willing
For Venus,
Within Her season,
May I hold tenderness,
And serenity in this moment, and hold space for myself with respect
I touch my heart and hold in it a space of safety, peace and acceptance
And may I embrace who I am
With beautiful, bleeding heart
My words are my spell, and love is my birthright
Bless it into being


When you finish the ritual, extinguish the candle and slip the card under your pillow…. Exhale in acceptance. Let the soft scent of rose carry you into your dreams.

The next morning, poke a small hole in the card and string a ribbon through it. Set your spell card somewhere special, or hang it in the window in your home, welcoming positivity. If you can, give yourself permission to do a little relaxation ritual afterwards (a mid-day nap, stretching or yoga, a walk in nature, listening to your favourite album, meditation etc.)

With love,


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