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Pentacle Ring

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This delicate ring is a special take on the pentacle symbol, surrounded by the exquisite petals of a lotus flower, giving it the appearance of a blossoming sacred chakra. The pentacle represents the five elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit. In ancient earth-respecting religions, the pentacle's circle was thought to represent the interconnection of all things. The pentacle expresses the ability to bring the divine and spirit world to Earth.

The ring features a tiny carved pentacle into a flowering lotus with tiny rose thorns adorning the top of the ring's band. Next to the pentacle are six sparkling diamonds, making for an exquisite tender piece of jewelry with deep meaning. 


Made by hand in our Montreal studio

This ring features six 1.0mm brilliant diamonds, three on each side of the pentacle chakra. Hand-carved and unique each time, the band is made of small rose vines and therefore contains little thorns. Silver option will be available soon.

Sizing: Available in size 4-9. Please send us a message for other sizing options.

Available in 14k yellow gold

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