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Palmistry Ring

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The future's not written in the stars, but in the palm of your hand...

Inspired by the ancient Egyptian flip rings on display at the MET museum, this ring flips to reveal palm reading symbols or the Eye of Providence. The chiromancy palm contains lines of life, heart and head. Both sides of the hand are adorned with tiny planetary symbols, etched where they would be located when studying the representation of the palm. The opposite side contains a fiery Eye of Providence, set with a deep ruby stone.


Made by hand in our Montreal studio

Features a spin mechanism, allowing the ring to flip between two designs. Hand flips from ruby eye (1.2mm ruby set into the Eye of Providence) to a Palmistry hand, fully detailed with horoscope symbols and palm lines.

Sizing: Available in size 5-9. Please send us a message for other sizing options.

Available in 14k gold


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