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Dark Sermon

Dark Sermon

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The emissary from Empyrean had composed itself as a stately raven, an ebony bird whose ashen skull held no flesh, whose eyes were fiery, ominous globes. It perched upon a busted palace branch.

"Tell me what your name is, ghastly raven."

Said the raven, "Josh Billings being duly sworn, testifys az follers: yu kan kount on Josh Billings az a friend." –– Grind Your Bones to Dust, Nicholas Day

Minuscule ode to Nicholas Day's debut novel, GRIND YOUR BONES TO DUST. A delicate raven skull, set with a tiny natural ruby, the glowing cinder of an eye—or is it a distant blazing crimson star? Cast in solid sterling silver and oxidized.


Made by hand in our Montreal studio, available for limited time in sterling silver

Sold as a single pendant. Available on a 16" chain, 20" chain, or without necklace. Chains are sterling silver. Ruby measures 1mm. Please note that the jumpring will only allow Billings to fit on a very narrow chain.

Pictured on the 16" chain – 1.1mm cable chain. 

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