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Exclusive! Hecate Key

Exclusive! Hecate Key

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SITE EXCLUSIVE! Only available through Sofia Zakia.

A horned sceptre takes the shape of a waxing and waning crescent moon atop a delicate, magical key interweaving you with the presence of the feminine Divine. Hecate, Goddess of the moon, witchcraft, the underworld and all dark things. The triple moon symbolizes stages in threes: the heavens, earth, and underworld; maiden, mother, crone; innocence, abundance, courage.


Made by hand in our Montreal studio, solid 14K gold

Hecate Key pendant measures approx. 2cm and comes with a 4mm jumpring. Sold as single pendant or with 16" or 20" chain. Chains are solid 14K gold. Please note that the jumpring will only allow our Hecate Key to fit on a very narrow chain. For something similar, please visit our High Priestess Key.

Kindly note: due to the delicate nature of the key, her moons can be pointy. Please handle with care.

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