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Customizable Military ID Necklace

Customizable Military ID Necklace

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SITE EXCLUSIVE! Only available through Sofia Zakia.

An iconic silhouette, made tiny. Our handmade military ID tags (aka 'dog tags') are made in solid 14k gold. Customize the engraving(s) and pair with ball chain for traditional aesthetic.

Available as a single pendant, or duo, for you to carry always over your heart as a memento—a sigil of your love personalized by:

Last name, First name, Blood type, Faction, Special number, Religious orientation, Favourite quote, "just married", date, etc. Our ID tags can be used for: expressions of love, personal ID, memento mori, in memoriam, etc.

Please specify in comments at checkout (including line breaks) what text to engrave. Maximum 20 characters per line. Displayed with 5 lines, but can accommodate a maximum of 6 lines total.


Please note tag engraving(s) at checkout. Please make sure to select the correct number of dog tags in the drop-down menu. A single dog tag will provide just one, whereas a duo dog tag will be two tags on one chain. If duo, kindly note if you'd like both tags to have the same, or different, engravings.

Please note that text will display lengthwise down the side of the pendant when worn around a neck.

Made by hand in our Montreal studio, solid 14K gold

Pendant measures approximately 23mm x 12mm x 0.8mm, jumprings measure 4mm on the exterior (so just around 3.6mm on the inside!) If you'd like this piece to fit a specific chain, please do let us know!

Available on a 20" chain, or without necklace. Chains are solid, hollow ball 14K gold. Please note that the jumpring will only allow the pendants to fit on a very narrow chain.

Pictured on the 20" chain – ball chain.


Solid 14k gold. Chains are solid, hollow ball 14K gold


Pendant measures approximately 23mm x 12mm x 0.8mm. Available on a 20" chain, or without necklace.

Care information

Our pieces are delicate by nature, so we encourage our customers to take extra care when wearing Sofia Zakia pieces, especially rings. We recommend removing your jewelry when washing your hands, showering and sleeping.

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