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Cygnus Necklace

Cygnus Necklace

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For the baby born under the night sky. May she look up, and in the stars, always see you.

For the love of swans, grace or to welcome a new baby into the family. The Cygnus pendant, named after the swan constellation (translated from French cygne, for baby swan) features hand-engraved swans like a family crest. Two adult swans swim under the stars, while a baby cygnus passes by beneath them.


Made by hand in our Montreal studio, solid 14K gold

Pendant measures 15x25mm. Features 4x 1.2mm natural diamonds.

Available on a 16" chain, 20" chain, or without necklace. Chains are solid 14K gold. 24" chain option is gold filled.

Pictured on the 24" goldfill chain. Please note that 16" chain is 1.3mm cable chain and 20" chain is 1.3mm cable chain.

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