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EXCLUSIVE! Adorned with Pride Rings - Ready-to-ship

EXCLUSIVE! Adorned with Pride Rings - Ready-to-ship

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This item is ready-to-ship and should ship within 2-3 business days!

A gift to honour wherever you are on the spectrum. The world is our oyster ~yours and mine and theirs.

Pride means something different to all of us. No matter where you land, if you’re questioning, or aren't able to safely celebrate, you’re a welcome part of the queer community. You have all our love and support.

Stack these rings or wear them on their own - collect the flags that mean the most to you.

Kindly note, that rings may differ in colour and intensity from images shown. These rings are site exclusive.

All of these rings are sold individually!


Choose from eight different pride flags:

1. Asexual Flag

1.2mm-1.25mm black diamond, salt and pepper diamond, purple sapphire.

2. Lesbian Flag

1.2mm-1.25mm garnet, orange sapphire, medium pink sapphire.

3. Non-Binary Flag

1.2mm-1.25mm citrine, purple sapphire, black diamond.

4. Pansexual Flag

1.2mm-1.25mm hot pink sapphire, citrine and blue sapphire.

5. Rainbow part 1

1.2mm-1.25mm ruby, orange sapphire, citrine. 

6. Rainbow part 2

1.2mm-1.25mm green tourmaline, blue sapphire, purple sapphire.

7. Trans Flag

1.2mm-1.25mm Swiss topaz, pink sapphire, white diamond.

8. Bisexual Flag

1.2mm-1.25mm blue sapphire, amethyst, hot pink sapphire.

Available in 14K yellow.

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