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Fire-Blackened Necklace

Fire-Blackened Necklace

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Suenomatsuyama nami mo koenamu.

A female voice, solicitous and sweet. Distantly, the brain stem screeched, stress hormones wailing at my motor system, demanding I run, run now, escape into the sanctuary of multiplicity, disappear nto the waiting herd, do anything so long as I remove myself from probable harm, anything just go, go now.

— Nothing But Blackened Teeth, Cassandra Khaw

A thing pulled from the fire. The ohaguro-bettari, cast in solid sterling silver and oxidized. Made in collaboration with Cassandra Khaw, based on their novella Nothing But Blackened Teeth.


Made by hand in our Montreal studio, available in sterling silver. Read about the collaboration on Tor Nightfire's blog.

40 x 24 x 0.85mm, hand-engraved, weighty as a lover's locket at 8.25g. Sold as a single pendant. Available on a 16" chain, 20" chain, or without necklace. Chains are sterling silver. Please note that the jumpring will only allow this pendant to fit on a very narrow chain.

Pictured on the 16" chain – 1.1mm cable chain. 


Solid sterling silver.


40 x 24 x 0.85mm.

Care information

Our pieces are delicate by nature, so we encourage our customers to take extra care when wearing Sofia Zakia pieces, especially rings. We also recommend removing your jewelry when washing your hands, showering and sleeping.

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