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Ocean's Boon Earring

Ocean's Boon Earring

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Has it been only an hour since you dined on hors d'oeuvres and delighted in elegant evening company on the promenade deck? How quickly a piece of sea ice can change the fate of your liner and your destiny. It’s here in these frigid waters that you find yourself being pulled down with Poseidon clutching at your ankles.

Yet as your lungs burn from precious escaping bubbles, making their way further from you, flying in opalescent strands to the surface and the night sky, you feel fingers lace into yours. A hand on your jaw. A bruising kiss that fills you with life and oxygen. You don’t see them but only feel the warmth that melts into you as you travel upwards, finally breaking the mercurial ceiling of water and sky. A strong arm pulling you over into a bobbing cradle of safety with other lost souls.

It’s with your exhale that you pull from your lips a jewel, finding that breath of life transformed into a pearl. A breath you carry with you that when you feel as if you’re drowning. The Ocean’s Boon for your new life.


Solid 14 karat gold featuring a 4mm rosecut diamond paired with 1-2.5mm brilliant cut diamonds and a single, iridescent baroque freshwater pearl (approx. 17x14mm).

Available as singles or a pair.

Made by hand in our Montreal studio.

Please keep in mind that all pearls in our Ocean's Boon earrings are natural and therefore vary in colour and shape from each other. We offer the best selection and composition of colours available, but please understand that we may not be able to offer exact replicas of the colours photographed.  

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