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Ouija Planchette Earrings

Ouija Planchette Earrings

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Evocative of one of the most mystical items in divination, the Ouija planchette is a tool used to speak with mysterious spirits through "talking boards". Paranormal advocates believe the planchette to guide spiritualists and artists towards otherworldly revelations and inspiring visions.

Our little Ouija planchette earrings are an homage to these bewitching talismans. Whether it be to communicate a thought or inspiration from your unconscious mind, or to pay tribute to the darker elements of this mystical device, these tiny planchettes are sure to answer your heart's deepest callings. Cast in precious gold and set with delicate opals, the Ouija Planchette earrings are a luminous embodiment of spiritual mystique.


Made by hand in our Montreal studio

Featuring two natural 3mm Australian opals. "Ouija" markings are recessed with black patina in order to bring out their vibrancy.

Available in 14k gold. Sold as single earrings or a pair.


Solid 14k gold set with one Australian opal.


These earrings measures around 11.7x7.3mm featuring two natural 3mm Australian opals. Sold individually or as a pair.

Care information

Our pieces are delicate by nature, so we encourage our customers to take extra care when wearing Sofia Zakia pieces, especially rings. We recommend removing your jewelry when washing your hands, showering and sleeping.

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