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Paradise Pen

Paradise Pen

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 By the love that moves the sun and other stars...

The closing line to Dante Alighieri's "Divine Comedy" poem. Dante calls out love as a a powerful elemental force. As Dante experiences the presence of God through the heavenly beatific vision, he ties love at the core of all that governs this universe. Indeed, just as desire is an animating impulse that moves us, a venture pivoting us through the universe, so too does love move the sun and other stars. Love is our guide just as it is our destination.


Tip size is 0.5mm, pen length is 8".

Designed in Canada, made in Japan. Wood and gold foil on pink. Sold as a single pen.

This pen sports an ultra fine tip that rolls over paper smoothly without the interrupted ink flow you’ll find in other fine pens. The shaft has a metal interior and wooden exterior giving it a light-as-a-feather, yet warm, hand-feel. A push-button mechanism and waterproof alcohol-based black ink finish off the design.



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