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Ring of Salt

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Salt has an ancient connection with health, goodness, and purity through its cleansing yet absorbent properties, both tactile and metaphysical.

As such, magic ritual circles are most often made of salt. They act as a barrier against negativity, keeping the practitioner's space pure and sacred, warding off evil energies.

Reproduced as a sparkling eternity band, the Ring of Salt is a gorgeous stream of salt and pepper diamonds, scaling in size, to be worn around your finger. Encased on its knife-edged symmetrical side reads the finely engraved phrase "PROTECT ME".

Striking on its own or in a stack.


Made by hand in our Montreal studio.

Eternity band contains approx. 38 salt and pepper diamonds scaling all the way around the ring. Opposite side of the ring contains oxidized engraving.

Available in 14K yellow or rose gold. Sold as a single ring.