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SCP Foundation Notebook

SCP Foundation Notebook

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Limited Edition of 250





Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-[REDACTED] is to be kept within an SRA field fireproof Euclid-class storage locker in Site 64’s Anomalous Item Repository.

Testing is to be conducted with Class B personnel or higher present. Requisition for testing form can be applied for through appropriate channels, but must be approved through O5 Council.


SCP-[REDACTED]-2 through SCP-[REDACTED]-250 are a set of identical sixty-page, black, silver aluminum coil spiral-bound notebooks, in new condition. The covers bear the Foundation insignia above the text “We die in the dark so that others can live in the light”.

A QR code on the cover’s top-left corner links to the Foundation’s official site. Cover contains text data on Object Class Descriptions, and the message: “This document and all associated [REDACTED] are the property of the SCP Foundation, and are subject to the classification requirements and restrictions therein. This document may or may not contain lethal memetic defense measures. Attempting to access or disseminate this document without proper and sufficient authorization is punishable by death.” All cover elements are printed in silver ink on thick black card.

SCP-[REDACTED]-2 through SCP-[REDACTED]-250’s interior pages are smooth, and printed with grey ink. The first page contains the SCP Foundation Mission Statement and what appears to be a Level 2 Clearance Stamp, dated and signed. Remaining interior pages contain lined pages bearing the Foundation insignia, and space for date and subject. Spreads 2-3, 14-15, 26-27, 38-39, 50-51, and 62-63 are unremarkable. Remaining pages contain corrupt images and data, repeating every 6 spreads.

Entries in SCP-[REDACTED]-2 through SCP-[REDACTED]-250 are intermittently altered. It is not known how data is selected for alteration. Transcriptions of real-world memories and correspondences written within the pages of the notebook are reconstituted to show the presence of an additional figure, consistent throughout altered entries in a single notebook. All persons present at the events featured will have their memories altered to include the additional figure. Visual art, sheet music, and works of fiction will be altered to attribute original author to this figure.

Upon not having been written in for thirty days, SCP-[REDACTED]-2 through SCP-[REDACTED]-250 will begin intermittently altering written and digital records in proximity to it. Physical detection of the alteration has not been possible. Altered records have been noted to be inconsistent with each other, and with altered memories.

As SCP-[REDACTED]-1 was damaged beyond use before any experimentation could take place, and was not recovered in the presence of any other records containing identifying information, it is not clear if it also displayed the secondary effect. It is theorized by Dr. [REDACTED] that alterations of SCP-[REDACTED]-1 were an intended effect, and the alteration of external records displayed by SCP-[REDACTED]-2 through SCP-[REDACTED]-250 is a direct consequence of insufficient thaumaturgical insulation provided to the narrative structures inside the notebook.


Content relating to the SCP Foundation, including the SCP Foundation logo, is licensed under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0 and all concepts originate from and its authors. This artwork, being derived from this content, is hereby also released under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0.


Listing is for one SCP Notebook. SCP Necklace and Patch are sold separately.



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