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Solar System Necklace

Solar System Necklace

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Voyage through our timeless solar system, vivid in colour, sparkling and colossal in her wake. Experience perpetual motion while creating your own multi-gem fantasy odyssey. 


Made by hand in our Montreal studio.

Necklace of solid gold sun and our solar system's planets:

Mercury as a 2.5mm rosecut moonstone

Venus as a 3mm andalousite

Earth as a 3mm cabochon moonstone

Mars as a 2.5mm garnet

Jupiter, carved in 14K gold

Saturn, carved in 14K gold

Uranus as a 4mm amazonite

Neptune as a 4mm star sapphire

Pluto and her largest moon, Charon as two 1mm diamonds

14 karat gold moon and star

Available with or without diamonds set into the handmade chain bars

Bar chain is handmade in our Montreal studio

Necklace measures approximately 16" (40cm) and is adjustable to shorter lengths by hooking the clasp to any of the jumprings along the chain. Kindly email us if you'd like a longer length!

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